Sunday, September 5, 2021

Griffin Co. Supplies (Review)

While not as glamorous as the front lines of battle, supply and logistics are important to any military operation.  Too often, 54mm armies--and their monarchs--are somewhat hampered by a lack of supplies in that scale.  The jolly tars of Redcoats and Ruffles   Scattered sources allow for some supplies, but few companies offer a large assortment of goods.

Enter GriffonCo, ( a manufacturer of 3D printed items.  Their items are scaled for 28mm figures, but several are usable by 54mm figures.

The picture shows several different products from GriffonCo.  All (except the barrels and the small chest) are exactly as they come from GriffonCo.  The barrels received a light wash of black or brown, and the metalwork on the small chest has been painted.

A complete list with links to each piece is below, (along with my opinions).  The photo shows each piece in order left to right, along with six different figures for size comparison, again from left to right: MPC, Accurate, Barzso, BMC, Armies in Plastic, and LOD Enterprises.

Loot Sacks.  Rather small for 54mm.  More the size of money bags than grain bags.

Treasure Chests.  These small chests of loot are my personal favorite.  Enough money to be easily carried (and enjoyed) by 1 or 2 figures.

Village Barrels.  This set of 3 barrels is useful, but smaller than the larger size below.

Folded Sail Cargo.  What looks like a sail to 28mm figures is a garment or blanket for 54mm figures.  And you can never have too many spare clothes or blankets.

Large Barrel.  The perfect size for 54mm figures...except for thirsty sailors!  Better get two to be on the safe side!

Tarped Cargo.  A nice versatile pile of tarped goods. Slightly under knee-high for 54mm figures.

Treasure Chest.  This bigger chest can be used for more than just pirate gold...women with large wardrobes or emigrants travelling to a new world will appreciate it as well.

Crate.  It does what its name says.  Very useful and perfectly sized for 54mm figures.


  1. ~Very useful, you can never have too much baggage on campaign!

  2. Very useful, you can never have too much baggage on campaign!