Sunday, September 5, 2021

Griffin Co. Supplies (Review)

While not as glamorous as the front lines of battle, supply and logistics are important to any military operation.  Too often, 54mm armies--and their monarchs--are somewhat hampered by a lack of supplies in that scale.  The jolly tars of Redcoats and Ruffles   Scattered sources allow for some supplies, but few companies offer a large assortment of goods.

Enter GriffonCo, ( a manufacturer of 3D printed items.  Their items are scaled for 28mm figures, but several are usable by 54mm figures.

The picture shows several different products from GriffonCo.  All (except the barrels and the small chest) are exactly as they come from GriffonCo.  The barrels received a light wash of black or brown, and the metalwork on the small chest has been painted.

A complete list with links to each piece is below, (along with my opinions).  The photo shows each piece in order left to right, along with six different figures for size comparison, again from left to right: MPC, Accurate, Barzso, BMC, Armies in Plastic, and LOD Enterprises.

Loot Sacks.  Rather small for 54mm.  More the size of money bags than grain bags.

Treasure Chests.  These small chests of loot are my personal favorite.  Enough money to be easily carried (and enjoyed) by 1 or 2 figures.

Village Barrels.  This set of 3 barrels is useful, but smaller than the larger size below.

Folded Sail Cargo.  What looks like a sail to 28mm figures is a garment or blanket for 54mm figures.  And you can never have too many spare clothes or blankets.

Large Barrel.  The perfect size for 54mm figures...except for thirsty sailors!  Better get two to be on the safe side!

Tarped Cargo.  A nice versatile pile of tarped goods. Slightly under knee-high for 54mm figures.

Treasure Chest.  This bigger chest can be used for more than just pirate gold...women with large wardrobes or emigrants travelling to a new world will appreciate it as well.

Crate.  It does what its name says.  Very useful and perfectly sized for 54mm figures.

Monday, July 19, 2021

7th Pennsylvania Ensign with Flag

 The Pennsylvania regiments have distinguished themselves by expansion and a blooding at Turnbull's Farm (read  They have performed so well, in fact, that the Congress has ordered them another flag.

This one is copied from an original flag preserved in Independence National Historic Park (see Gwen Spicer's wonderful blog  This flag belonged to Captain Wilson's company of the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment.  By January 1781, the 7th had been consolidated into the 4th Pennsylvania Regiment.  However, the mutiny of the Pennsylvania Line rearranged plans, as many soldiers were furloughed after serving their three years of service.

The remaining soldiers of the Pennsylvania Line were consolidated into three brigades and sent to reinforce Lafayette's pitifully small army in Virginia.

Since the Pennsylvania soldiers endured multiple unit changes, it is quite possible that the flag did as well.  Equally likely (or perhaps equally unlikely) is that this pattern of flag was used by a few Pennsylvania regiments.  Of course, at the end of the day, it is a cool flag known to be used by Pennsylvania troops...good enough for me!

The proud bearer of this flag began as a figure from a Safari Ltd. tube of AWI British troops.  He was originally a flagbearer, and a very tall one at that (approximately 65mm-70mm from boots to hat.  Some judicious sanding on his boots and a thin base helped him to blend in better with the rest of the army, while still keeping his distinctive height.  His sword was sculpted on, but much of the detail on the original figure was left.

The flag itself was illustrated by this author and is available for free download at  While there, check out our other free downloads and perhaps our paid products as well!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Moses (Liberty’s Kids)

This jolly freedman, named Moses, is a hard worker wherever he goes.  In the show “Liberty’s Kids”, Moses can be most often found in Benjamin Franklin’s print shop.  He knows the newspaper business from top to bottom, and his knowledge helps make James, Sarah, and Henri better reporters.

His skills are not confined to newspapers, as he is also a wheelwright as well.  Finally in 1781, he enlists with the Continental Corps of Sappers & Miners and marches to besiege Cornwallis at Yorktown.

This figure began as a blacksmith from Safari Ltd "Jamestown Settlers" tube of figures.  Little conversion was required, other than removing the original figure's beard and cap.

Figure by Safari Ltd., painted with acrylic paints.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Stone Wall (Hobby Lobby)-Review

"James, we're journalists, not spies!"
Do your troops need cover in an intense firefight?  Maybe your farms would like a sturdy enclosure to mark their land?  Are your spies requesting an obstacle to screen them from prying eyes?  A stone wall is a necessity for all of these things, and this particular one is admirable for 54mm soldiers.  Now you can recreate the retreat to Boston (1775) or the storm of Leuthen Church (1757), along with numerous other battles and skirmishes!

Manufactured and distributed by Hobby Lobby (a U.S. craft store chain), this wall is distributed as part of their fairy garden line "My Garden Friends."  Of course, it is easily repurposed!  Published dimensions are 6 5/8 inches long, 2 1/16 inches high, and 3/4 inch thick. (For dimensions, ordering info, and store availability, visit  It is factory painted, so color schemes do vary slightly.  Also, the original can be coated with glitter, but it is easily ignored.  The wall in the pictures is "off-the-shelf" with no conversion or paint.

Based on the dimensions, it is a substantial obstacle for your 54mm troops.  But more importantly, can soldiers fire over it?  Standing against the wall to fire are (from left to right), an Armies in Plastic soldier, an LOD soldier, another Armies in Plastic soldier, and an ATS soldier.  All of them have the height required to rest their musket on top of the wall and fire over.  The only soldier that I had trouble with was a standing firing BMC British grenadier.  His gun is held far too low to reach the top of the wall.  The rest of the figures worked just fine.  In addition, most 54mm troops will be able to look over the wall at their enemies, while remaining fully defended by it.
This wall also makes a quick backdrop for action!

Though Redcoats & Ruffles focuses on the 18th Century, this piece is good in multiple eras.  I will certainly be acquiring more of them in the near future!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Colonial Enforcer (Marx/Glencoe)

 This fellow began as a recast Marx pirate captain.  He decided to shed the unsavory reputation of a pirate captain and, shaving his unkempt beard, became a secretive fellow.  Spy, informer, gun-for-hire, no one is exactly sure what his profession is. Does he want a more genteel profession than pirate—or just one that is more lucrative?

Mr. Mercer participating in questioning disaffected persons

While his outfit is inspired by Mr. Mercer of Pirates of the Caribbean, I deliberately chose muted colors and no lace so that he could blend into the crowd.  And in a pinch, he can serve with the colonial militia.

Figure by Glencoe recasts from the original by Louis Marx and Co.  Minor conversion, including shaving a beard and sculpting a longer waistcoat.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Elizabeth Swann (Zizzle/Zizzlinger/Disney)

8 petticoats of Redcoats & Ruffles
Finding female 54mm figures for the 18th Century is one of our interests on Redcoats and Ruffles (for more, see  While these can be difficult to find, every new addition is welcomed.  Now another figure has been added to the roster.

Meet Elizabeth Swann.  Her sculpt began in a product line called Zizzlingers, created in 2006 by a company called Zizzle, Inc.  Two or three factory painted Pirates of the Caribbean figures were sealed in a blind bag with a water-soluble powder.  Soak the bag and reveal the figures!  24 distinct figures were included and this variant of Elizabeth (there was another in coat and tricorne hat) was #7.  But that is not the source of this figure.

Eight Zizzlinger sculpts were repackaged into "Miniature Collectible Figurines" packs.  Each included two figures in a clamshell pack.  It is from one of these "Miniature Collectible Figurines" packages that this sculpt of Elizabeth Swann hails, along with Jack Sparrow holding his compass.

That is perhaps more detail about a manufacturer that is usual on Redcoats and Ruffles, but this figure (and her 23 other companions) is now quite difficult to track down, though certainly worth the search.  Zizzle also produced two sizes of action figures, as well as "Captains and Crew" 60mm figures, further muddying the waters for searchers.  (Information from multiple eBay listings as well as a review of Zizzlingers/Captains and Crew at

Father & daughter review Norrington & marines
On to Elizabeth!  The dress began as a reproduction of her "Gold Gown" (see, but ended up being a conglomeration of several different dresses. In almost every dress, Elizabeth has a strong preference for gold fabrics with floral print, and this preference was honored.  The floral pattern is hand-painted and may be the proudest painting achievement of Redcoats and Ruffles.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Queen's Ranger Charging Bayonet (BMC)

This Queen's Ranger was the first completed figure of 2021.  With the gleaming bayonet that tips his Brown Bess musket (by Helmet Soldiers), he will strike terror into the hearts of the rebels!

He is originally a BMC figure (left) who was stabbing upward (at a horseman?).  Removing his arms and swapping them with a BMC grenadier (right) gave him the ideal waist-high position for charging the bayonet.

The musket is a Brown Bess by Helmet Soldiers (available at, reviewed at

When taking these photographs, I realized that the crescent on the Ranger's helmet was accidentally washed away by the varnish and not repainted.  Soon that will be remedied and he can proudly take his place alongside the rest of the Queen's Rangers.

Figure by BMC, musket by Helmet Soldiers.  Painted with acrylic and enamel paints, sealed with Hobby Lobby brand matte varnish.