Friday, February 3, 2017

Young Philadelphia Gentleman

This figure represents a young gentleman in the 18th century meaning of the term.  A gentleman was a man who owned property and was financially well-off.  This young gentleman certainly fits that description.  Wearing a silver-laced hat, a ruffled cravat, and large silver buckles on his shoes, he shows that he is well-to-do.  While his coat, waistcoat, and breeches may look like they are all the same color, the coat is actually slightly lighter than the breeches and waistcoat.

The figure is converted from two Marx recast colonial "Johnny Tremaine" characters.  "Sam Adams" provided the entire body, while "Johnny Tremaine" provided the head and cupped left hand (the figure's left is on the viewer's right).  The head was sculpted to look like a younger person, and the hand was changed because the original figure carried a tricorne hat in his left hand. 

Just like in a previous post, in which I copied a costume my sister wore, he wears a costume which my brother wore during the filming of Beyond the Mask, a Christian movie set in the American Revolution.  The last picture shows both of them walking near a colonial house.  But there are still more family members to be created...

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